2020 Conference Speaker Information



See below for the excellent lineup of speakers for the 2020 conference!!!

Officer Wellness and Self Care

- Silouan Green

Silouan Green is a former Marine who suffered from severe PTSD and other issues after a jet crash. Silouan has written three books, “Who Am I?”, “Sycamore Hill”, and “The Ladder UPP” and speaks nationwide on PTSD, resiliency, and leadership. He is a featured lecturer for the Public Agency Training Council, the worlds #1 trainer of first responders, and has spoken across the country for organizations and institutions such as the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the US Marine Corps, the Red Cross, Easter Seals, National Association of Mental Illness, and many others.

Presentation Summary

In this training you will learn the latest techniques for responding to those in crisis with PTSD as well as using those same tools for engaging with coworkers and others in your community struggling with mental health issues that may develop.

Canadian Negotiator Case Study; Armed Suicidal Barricade and the Lasting Influence of the Negotiator on the Subject

Sault Ste. Marie Police Service, ON

- Monique Rollin - Detective Inspector (retired)

Presentation Summary

A severely depressed subject is preparing to commit suicide with a rifle to his chin when neighboring tenants stumble onto him at which point he turns the gun on them and orders them out of the building.  The tenants retreat to a basement apartment where they call 911.  This debrief takes you through the negotiation with Barry Beauchamp and highlights the “relationship” built through empathy-based techniques and development of an emotional connection with the subject. 

Floyd Brown Barricaded Stand-Off

Illinois State Police

- Christopher Owen

- April Kunkel

Presentation Summary

In March of 2019 a McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy (acting Federal Agent) was shot and killed by Floyd Brown as he was attempting to serve a warrant in Northern Il. This incident sparked a multijurisdictional investigation as Brown fled nearly 200 miles down state in his vehicle on interstate 55 where he was located and tactically forced off the roadway. Brown was held up in his vehicle for over 7 hours as Illinois State Police M/Sgt April Kunkel attempted to negotiate with him. Officers faced many issues including extreme cold and communication related issues where a drone was ultimately used to deliver a cell phone.  Lt. Col. Christopher Owen, also with the Illinois State Police, acting as the incident Commander was tasked with managing this highly volatile and emotionally charged incident. This presentation will offer a veteran negotiators perspective and the lessons learned as well as a Commanders incite on how to manage everything from the obvious traffic related concerns, containment issues and planning the tactical resolution.

Ellis County, Texas - Negotiation Case Study

- John Vance - Texas Ranger

Presentation Summary

In June, 2016 two male suspects were arrested by Italy Police Department (Ellis County, Texas) and placed in the back of a patrol vehicle while the officer concluded the traffic stop.  The two suspects moved their cuffs from behind their backs and stole the patrol vehicle which led to a pursuit and negotiations were conducted over the police radio.  This presentation has audio and video from inside the stolen vehicle (the dash cam had been activated during the initial stop), radio traffic of the negotiation, and the aftermath of the pursuit involving Hostage/Crisis Negotiators. 

Days Inn Stand-Off

Champaign County Metro/SWAT

- Brian Tison

Presentation Summary

On 08/04/2015 at approx. 0400 hrs., Champaign County Metro/SWAT was activated for a barricaded suspect from an armed robbery at a Hardees restaurant the previous evening.  Officers made contact with the suspect in room 211 at the Days Inn, located in Rantoul, Illinois.  The suspect claimed to be armed and officers on scene established a perimeter until the METRO/SWAT team could arrive. 

We will discuss the operation from beginning to end using car, body, and throw phone audio/video to create a full incident-based debriefing of the situation.  There are tactical, operational, and negotiations team principles and learning points to be evaluated from this incident, both positive and negative. 

The discussion will include team operations, knowledge of current technology use and effectiveness, cooperation between negotiations and tactical elements, integration of relief team components, and use of de-escalation and intervention techniques with criminal suspects.  We will conclude with officer self-care and training issues to be addressed based on the circumstances and outcome of this situation. 

Hilltop Hostage Taker: A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Debrief

Wichita Police Department

- Dan Oblinger

- Christian Cory

Presentation Summary

A gun-toting drug dealer who happens to be a sovereign citizen takes a debt collection too far and a debrief is born.  This is a highly interactive exploration of the decision points and lethality assessment from the original case using the knowledge and skill of the audience. 

Hacienda Heights Stand-Off

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office

- Harry Drucker

Presentation Summary

An ongoing neighbor feud escalates into a heated argument punctuated by one neighbor firing several rounds at the other.  The resulting barricade spans 8 hours and negotiators try to get the suspect to surrender without a tactical resolution.  This incident includes issues of the use of TPI’s, texting and action imperative.

St. Lucie County Police Officer Stand-Off

St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office, Florida

- Mark Colangelo

Presentation Summary

This training is based on an incident in which members of the Saint Lucie County Sheriff’s Office (FL) Crisis Negotiation Team negotiated with a former law enforcement officer involved in an armed standoff at a truck stop.  As the incident progressed, members of the team were confronted with the challenge of dealing with a subject having insider knowledge of their tactics and who was planning to force members of the agency into a “suicide by cop” situation.

In addition to the case study, this block will include lessons learned and a discussion on how the cultural dynamics of law enforcement partially contributed to the demise of his career as well as how he became involved in this incident.  This presentation culminates with discussion on how law enforcement supervisors can identify certain signs at the onset of problems and methods to effectively intervene.